Our Services

Here at A New Leaf, we have many services to offer in the areas of developmental disabilities, learning, and adult care. Take a moment to check out the services we offer below and see if there is some way we can help you.


Habilitative Intervention

Habilitative Intervention is available to children with developmental disabilities who display challenging behaviors. HI therapists work with children to develop positive behaviors and the skills they need to function in typical home and community environments. HI is a one-to-one service that is individualized for each child. When a child feels safe and secure within the environment, having been given the tools and modeling to express emotions appropriately, self-esteem rises and unwanted behaviors decrease.


Habilitative Supports / Respite

Developmental Therapy is provided by a qualified, trained and supervised therapist. Some goals may include life skills such as: brushing teeth (and other "ADL's" activities of daily living), doing laundry, exchange of money in the community,  or social skills such as: taking turns while playing a game, exchanging greetings, community safety, crossing the street, stranger awareness, and making and maintaining friends.

Since every individual is unique and special, so are the goals and plans for each individual. We take careful consideration when pairing a therapist with a child so that the therapy time will be most beneficial for everyone involved.


Residential Habilitation

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