Psychotherapy (psychiatric counseling) helps participants gain the insight and coping skills needed to help them heal from past abuse issues, and also learn to manage mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.  During psychotherapy, participants learn about their condition and mood, feelings, thoughts and behavior.  Using the insights and knowledge gained in psychotherapy, they pick up healthy coping skills and stress management.  Psychotherapy often can be successfully completed in just a few months, but in the case of a severe mental illness, long-term treatment may be helpful.


Pharmacological Management

Pharmacological (Med) Management helps guide the use of psychiatric and ADHD medications, as well as provide some alternative treatment options.  A licensed clinician will meet with an individual periodically to determine how well their medication is working and to make adjustments as needed. The frequency of visits depends on whether changes are being made and how well the individual is doing.


Our Staff

A New Leaf uses staff with the highest qualifications and conducts ongoing supervision and training.  We want each client to receive the therapy that they believe is necessary in a manner that is most beneficial to them and fulfills their wants and needs.

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